it's a website.

22/1 : Update!! New picture in Dante's section. Gil and him... again... I'm not obsessed, I'm *focused*. There was going to be more to that picture, but then I gave up because I suck at backgrounds, and by that time (hours of background agony, all for naught) I couldn't be arsed to start painting. Anyway, just lately? I havn't wanted to bother coloring anything. it's really tiring, and with all the drawings I've been doing... I'm all coloured out.

23/1 : Update!! Wow, less than twenty-four hours... anyway. New picture in the Corporation section. It's Nessy, a shiny new character curtesy of Dora! (i know nothing about him, really, except that he's new, and that makes him shiny, and that means i'm going to tempt Dora with pictures and roleplays until she tells me everything. moowahahaha!!)


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