in case you care

NAME: Karey Anay Rodgirs
AKA: Kiwi
CONTACT: m a y a t i s i w a t g m a i l d o t c o m
AGE: 17
DRAWING SINCE: I was born, but I started putting effort in when I was twelve. So five years.
INFLUENCES: Cybersix started it all, and from there it was a downward spiral into anime. I grew out of that, though, and I'm now trying to establish a more realistic, down to earth style. Changing the way you draw is like teaching yourself everything all over again, from step one. Currently, I'm very influenced by american comic art (DC, anyone?) and fashion. I love drawing the clothes out of magazines. Haute Couture is something I want to look into more.
GOALS: To get my dream of an online comic off the ground! My problem is that I tend to create universes, and not stories. So while I have lots of characters, with all kinds of Cool Stuff happening, there's too much clutter and not enough of one basic line. Also I've got this silly idea in my head that Quaren is the star, despite the fact that I've been paying rather a lot of attention to Dante.
INTERESTS: Comic books. And by comic books, I mean DC Comics, and by DC, I mean the Bats. Also... the NEW Teen Titans (as opposed to the New Teen Titans. It makes sense, I swear). I like melodramatic shoujo anime and Final Fantasy games too. Pretty standard. OH YEAH, and I'm a slasher. Yaoi person. Crazy girl who makes people gay. Use whatever terminology you want.
OTHER: I'm kind of gay. I like girls. I like one girl, at the moment, and she makes me all stupid. I dance, I play DDR when I can, I work in a cookie store and I hate serving people. I'm really laid back, almost to the point of apathy, and I really think that more people should just relax. I start hyperventilating when I see the posters for the new Batman movie.

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